Games / Console News - You'll go Bananas for this Donkey Kong Contest!

This is probably the coolest promotional campaign Nintendo made yet, putting Donkey Kong on Chiquita Bananas. Placing Donkey Kong on the stickers is just the start for a campaign between Chiquita Bananas and Nintendo. The two companies are hosting a campaign where people can enter in their Donkey Kong dance entries (photos or videos) fromJanuary 7th through February 28th. On the first of March, the public will vote on which ones are the best entries. You can read more about it here, which tells more details of the contest.

Taking this from a marketing and adverting point of view, I never thought of using fruit to advertise for video game companies. It's pretty ingenious if ask me. If this keeps up, it won't be before long I see Mario's face on the mushrooms I get from Costco or kiwis in the shape of Master Chief's helmet.