Skype update allows iPhone users to talk Face to Face anywhere, anytime

Skype? There's an App for That

The iPhones FaceTime function will now be vastly improved with the addition of Skypes iOS 4 update released the middle of last week. As opposed to the prior need for a Wi-Fi connection to speak via face-to-face video conferencing, Skypes updates will allow users to connect to mobile video over both Wi-Fi and 3G.

This update will come free and is already available for download. Users will be able to call anyone able to use video conferencing, including those using PCs, laptops, and other iPhone 4 devices. Furthermore, users with the iPad or the older versions of the iPod touch (without the camera) will be able to receive video chats, but not send them.

This will do great things for long distance relationships, for example, those between friends, families, and couples. Long distance lovers will now be able to see each other face to face with more frequency, and not only when they are able to connect to a computer or even to an area with a Wi-Fi connection. Furthermore, being able to use video conferencing at all times could even be truly beneficial in emergencies, allowing others to quickly see others locations by use of background, and be able to witness exactly what another is seeing.

I sure wish I had an iPhone 4 to use this myself!