The Latest Rumors about Kinect!

On Monday, Microsoft combated rumors of a dwindling Kinect supply for the holiday season. Gossip was swirling about a potential retail drought, but Gamestop's SVP of Merchandising and Marketing Bob McKenzie announced that this has not been a problem.

McKenzie told IGN that the Kinect has exceeded their initial sales expectations but that Microsoft was sending out good and timely replenishing shipments to the stores.

According to McKenzie, this weekend brought in massive sales for the Kinect. However, he said very few stores are out of stock regardless and that Microsoft is doing quite well keeping up with supply and demand.

Unfortunately, no word has come out yet of numbers as to the current sales or shipping figures quite yet hopefully (and most likely) these numbers will exceed the half billion spent on marketing!

What are your thoughts, readers? Anyone play the Kinect yet? I personally loved it this may be the way I start getting my workouts! It's certainly much more fun than hitting the gym!

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Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson