Games and News: Vanquish

I personally do not like playing third game shooters, but I might have to make an exception about Platinum Game's "Vanquish". Vanquish takes place in the near future where the planet's human population has exploded so rapidly that nations of people around the globe are fighting for the scarce available resources.


To sum up the plot line for those who do not care, it's the Cold War in the future. The United States of America has attempted to alleviate its own energy problems by launching a space station harboring a solar energy-driven generator to provide them with an alternative source of fuel from the sun. However, the government of the Russian Federation on Earth has been overthrown by ultra-nationalist forces calling themselves the Order of the Russian Star. It's funny, even in video games we are learning why countries are fighting each other Surprisingly, the game plot line is dull and never really develops the characters, buts that's ok it makes up for it in game play.

Gamers will be playing as super soldier Sam Gideon. What makes this game unique and great is the super suite players will control. Players will be able to slide across maps, leap from tall buildings; create a laser gun from the suite and much more. The graphics are amazing, but the game play is chaotic to say the least. If there is a moment where shooting one enemy doesn't cause some bigger explosion then you're doing something wrong. Some gamers will enjoy the chaotic like play, because they will have the ability to slow down time, or boost from one end of the map to another. The designer of Resident Evil, Shinji Mikami, did a good job on Vanquished, especially since this first Platinum Game in this game. Go try out Vanquish!

Written by Evil Ambassador Caleb King