Game News - Dead Space 2, Awesome New Weapon for more Pew Pew power!!!

Leave it to the developers of Dead Space 2 to have a sense of humor. The game has barely been released and everyone out there has been informed of an easter egg of deadly and humorous force. Seen here, if you were to beat the game under its hardcore difficulty, you are rewarded with playing the game again...only this time with the most uniquely humorous weapon this blogger has ever seen. Introducing the Foam Finger "Hand Cannon".

The stats, according to the video in the article, is that the "Hand Cannon" has +20% in both damage and speed. Not bad, but all serious stats aside, the real thing stands out is that firing the weapon makes Isaac say "bang bang" and "pew pew" while actually doing some real damage. And for added bonus, the description of the weapon is "Real Space. Real Terror. Real Foam".

After seeing it dealing some serious damage to the Necromorphs, it makes you kinda look at those $25 foam fingers at your local sporting events differently, doesn't it?