10,000,000,000 App Downloaded!

As of now, ten billion apps have now been downloaded from Apples App store. After an ongoing countdown approaching the momentous number, Gail Davis of Oprington, Kent, UK, acquired the ten billionth download on Saturday morning (January 22). As a reward for her purchase of Paper Glider that day, Gail was awarded $10,000 in iTunes credit. (Makes me wish Id gotten that billionth download!!)

During the countdown, Apple released posts of its top paid and free apps. The top games sold were, unsurprisingly, Angry Birds and Flight Control. Also unsurprisingly, Facebook dominated as top unpaid application.

The top free apps list goes as such:

1. Facebook

2. Pandora Radio

3. Google Mobile App

4. Shazam

5. Movies by Flizter

6. The Weather Channel

7. Google Earth

8. Bump

9. Skype

10. PaperToss

The top paid apps list goes as such:

1. Doodle Jump

2. Tap Tap Revenge 3

3. Pocket God

4. Angry Birds

5. Tap Tap Revenge

6. Bejewled 2 + Blitz

7. Traffic Rush

8. Tap Tap Revenge Classice

9. AppBox Pro-Alarm Clock

10. Flight Control