Cheap as in Free!Free Games!

There's a nice gaming surprise for those of you that haven't checked the gaming marketplace in a while. Doritos recently released two completely free downloadable arcade games. Harm's Way and Doritos Crash Course. While you shouldn't expect full fledged arcade titles packed with a ton of extras, you can expect two pretty decent games (for being free). If you remember Dash of Destruction, just know that these two games pack a lot more content and will require more then a single sitting to unlock all the achievements.

Harm's Way is an unusual racing game with two modes of play. In the first mode you race around the track and collect power ups for either your vehicle or to upgrade a turret aligned with you. In the second mode of play you control turrets alongside the tracks and try to destroy r,acers. The courses also become more hazardous as the race runs along which cuts off access to specific routes. While all of the ideas in Harm's Way may not come across perfectly, there are some pretty cool gameplay ideas wrapped in there for a free download.

Doritos Crash Course is a lot less niche then Harm's Way and as a result has the Doritos' name brand stamped on it's title. For those of you familiar with Trials HD. Crash Course is a similar, but much easier title. You control your 360 avatar through an obstacle course from left to right jumping on trampolines, avoiding pitfalls, and Wile E. Coyote hammers. It's a fun simple title that most people can get into.

Either of these games should be a fun way to pass the time on Christmas Eve or Christmas morning while you wait for the opportunity to unwrap Christmas gifts with the family.