The latest patch for the hit PS3 driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 is going todelight those who were complaining about the details of damage in the game.After downloading the patch, "My Lounge" it allows you to choose exactly how much of mechanical damage you're willing to have on your car due from online play.

To be more detailed about this patch's key feature, you can have your car take as much damage and be looking spiffy and untouched for theentiretyof online play with "NONE" option. In addition, with the "HEAVY" option, if you took a lot of damage during playtime, your car would look so damage, I don't think even Carfax would take it. And somewhere in the middle,there's a "Light" option where it shows your car taking some moderate damage but regenerates it over time....which I would have liked in real life, especially when I was driving through wintertime Iowa during my college years.