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Obesity isn't linked to Gaming!

It's no question that United States and other countries like the U.K. and Canada have been growing in its numbers of obesity lately, and a lot of blame is put on video games. But made recently, some researchers say that it isn't really true. Now in the past, video games are the blame for obesity. First Lady Michelle Obama "Let's Move" campaign cited that the released of the Playstation was a a major event in the cause of childhood obesity's growing numbers. Then, internationally, the World Health Organization pointed out that video games had a major factor in obesity in children.

Just released from the Michigan State University - East Lansing, information that states doubt on the assumption of video games and obesity are linked in relation to each other. In a 3-year group study of 12-year-olds where the children and their parents are subjected to six major survey waves. Researchers tracked internet, video games, and cellphone useage in kids. In addition they also tracked their reading, mathematics, visual recognition, self-esteem alongside their personal information such as age, height, race, social class status, and weight. Data gathered was used to attempt any prediction of growing BMI, body mass index in the children.

Children in the group spent more time playing video games than talking on the phone or internet, but researchers say it wasn't a strong predictor of their ending BMI. While race, age, and social status were a much stronger predictor overall.

It's not all good for gamers and the gaming industry. Students that played games had heightened visual skills such as hand-eye coordination) they were also more prone to poor grades and self-esteem.

In the concluding end, while it is not a total victory for gamers in general it is more of anoticeable win for gamers as they have more solid proof defending that gaming doesn't automatically equal a gain in their BMI or fat levels.