Capcom Game cures more Rage Quits?

Rage quitting is an actionnewer to consoles then it is to PC, but the term and the actionhave been around for quite awhile. Rage quitting is exactly as it sounds, it's when a player is frustrated and has the suspicion they're going to lose an online game so they choose to disconnect rather then accept defeat or ruin their win ratio. Street Fighter 4 players dealt with this fairly regularly although Capcom worked to fix the problem by revealing the disconnect ratio of players to encourage them not to disconnect until their match was over.

With Marvel vs Capcom 3 Capcom has a different approach. The disconnect ratio of players isn't so public, but hidden more in the back end, more involved with which players are connecting to whom. The point of this new system is to punish players that rage quite by setting those kinds of players in a completely different pool then regular players. If you disconnect frequently you're going to be lined up with players that also frequently disconnect. Sounds like a good fix. Let sore losers play amongst themselves. Might be unfortunate for players that just have a poor connection, but Capcom can't please everyone.

Marvel vs Capcom 3 comes out February 15th for the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3.