A recent study at Brigham Young University has established that video games can make girls happier and healthier as long as parents are willing to play along. The study by Sarah M. Coyne, Ph.D.,distributed questionnaires to 287 children between the ages of 11 and 16 and their parents, asking them a series of questions about video games, behaviorial, and family-related issues. The focus is to see if there is a connection between behavior of children andparental participation in gaming. And any other additionalbehavioraleffects.

When it came to measuring their outcomes against factors like positive behavior, aggression, family connection, and mental health, the results were surprising. Girls had more positive results then boys.

Research from the study discovered that girls that gamed with their parents (mainly their fathers, mothers admitted they don't game much) were better behaved, more connected to their families, were less aggressive, and less likely to succumb to internalizing, which can lead to depression.

When reached for comment about the study and its results, researchers from the study stated the following:

"When parents play video games with their daughters, they may be sending a myriad of messages. First, parents may show that they are willing to engage in an activity that is important to daughters. Second, playing video games can represent quality time between a daughter and a parent, especially when such play involves conversation between parent–child."

So I guess in the end, that fathers and future fathers reading this article; if you want to establish a strong bond between you and your daughters, why not set up a round or two of Mario Kart or Plants vs. Zombies every once in a while. The results will be rewarding in the end.

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