Ladies, no longer should you sit around bored and watch your boyfriend play video games! Gentleman, no longer should you ignore your ladies and play video games! Solution? PLAY TOGETHER! Video games are a great leisure activity to enjoy together! Here are our picks for the top 5 best games for couples to play together:

1. Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies

Zombies is a great game for guys and girls to play together. You can play split-screen and it is a great game for collaboration. You need each other to get far, and it is definitely a bond building game because you need to strategize and communicate. We all know how popular Call of Duty is, and now with Black Ops having a zombie mode, it is a great game for couples to play too.

2. Geometry Wars (Evolved and 2)

Geometry Wars is one of my all-time favorite games. It is probably the game that got me into Xbox, and it is a game that I love playing with my boyfriend. If you have Geometry Wars Evolved, you can only play one person at a time, but you can still play together switching off. It is fun to challenge each other's scores. It is also not so bad because not only is it fun to play, but the bright colors and techno music make it fun to watch as well. Geometry Wars 2 has a multiplayer mode which is awesome, and you can choose whether you want to play against each other for some friendly competition or co-op. It also has 5 other games besides evolved that are all fun.

3. Beatles Rock Band

The Beatles music is the perfect background music for some serious couple bonding. Who doesn't like the Beatles? And the game is a blast. The graphics are interesting, fun to look at, and it is a great interactive game to play together. The good news is, there are 4 instruments you can choose from so if you feel like being shy you don't have to sing!

4. Wii Sports

Wii Sports is still so much fun! You have so many options to choose from and it is super interactive. Wii Sports gets you off the couch! The bowling and tennis are definitely my favorites. These games are also great because it is easy to talk to each other while you play. You can also get super competitive with each other.

5. Marvel vs. Capcom

Fighting games are really good for couples because you can both play at the same time and have fun with kicking each other's butts. It is easy to learn the moves or if you don't know moves just button mash! Either way, it is a fairly level playing field in this game.