If you have been persuaded to not get an Xbox One as a result of the E3 press conferences or what you have read online, you might not be the only one.

Amazon recently asked their consumers to vote on one simple thing: Would you prefer an Xbox One or a PlayStation 4? The results that followed were staggering, and it showed that the most vocal gamers are choosing the PlayStation's next console, the PS4 over the Xbox One. While the results of the survey may not pan out as poorly for Microsoft as it may appear, it cannot be a good thing for Microsoft to see.

The vote ended with a huge 38,984 votes for the PS4, and just 2,162 votes for the Xbox One. The PS4 received close to 20 times the amount of votes the Xbox One did.

It will be interesting to see what changes Microsoft might make in their policies to respond to the negative press or what new reveals they might have to settle consumer worries.