So, although the gameplay in the Last of Us is super crisp and refined, there seems to be a bug or two astray, and one of them could end up destroying a big chunk of your fun.

The most potent glitch involves the autosave feature when playing online and can wind you up with a saved file that could have been made many hours of playtime beforehand.

When the game autosaves whilst you are playing online, it can in essence 'get stuck' meaning the save won't happen, and instead of stating when it last made a save on the menu it would be stuck saying 'autosaving, please wait.'

Players have reported that they've lost many hours of gameplay due to this problem.

Naughty Dog has responded to their players stating that- "the autosave issue was a problem w/ our servers. No patch needed to fix it, just re-launch the game. Thanks again :)" and have since worked on a fix that won’t need a patch to be applied to the game. If you don't want to risk losing your progress though, you can always play in offline mode and save the game manually.