Everything you need to know about the Multiplayer Maps in GOW3

So I took some time out of my busy schedule here at Evil Controllers to do some research on Gear of War 3 for the sake of preparing for the game and its highly intense multiplayer gameplay. In result, I managed to obtain some great data about some of multiplayer maps. Being a nice guy, I couldn't hog all the information to myself. So I decided to share with everyone in the Evil community what I have found. So, sit down, grab a notepad, because what you are going to see here could help your game on September 20th.

Checkout's as you can see, takes place in was once a busy superstore/mall. The entire business tried to make one final sale and grab at money in the weeks before the HOD evacuations, but in the end they had leave everything behind for the sake of their lives. This map calls for close-quarters combat via the store aisles. We emphasize in the choice of weapons for this map, as especially with those that make great use of cover and fast paced action. This map literally means "everything must go" included your opponent's faces.

While the infection spreads across Sera at a rapid pace, the planet is falling apart as well. You can see this by the structure and design of this map. It is highly suggested to head for high ground as this map emphasizes combat on the elevated overpass, where you and your team can hole up and use the height to an advantage. However the opposing team can use mortars and orbital strikes with ease if you are up on the high ground.

Once the stomping grounds of the Cole Train, it is now basically a skeleton of its former glory days. However this map is not to be taken lightly. With the map no longer restricted to the field, whoever controls and stays at the concession stand the most, is at an advantage (oddly enough that sounds like me at a Bears game). The scoreboard will keep track of every point earned, but it can be used as a deadly trap.

While the Locust have begun to carve mines into the Seran Deadlands to seek out new territory they can call home, the territory they have made is now a heavily battled area that will see a lot of lancer ripping action and hammerburst punishment. The trenches are small and tight and have clean lines of sight across the entire battlefield. Additionally, the central hill area leads to a fortified bunker vantage point for anyone who gets there first. Once taken, it is hard to let go unless the opposing force manages to use the sandstorm's cover to take the area for themselves.

So that concludes the research I have found about my soon-to-be-favorite maps in Gears of War 3. I hope this advice and research will be useful to you as it was to me. I may follow up this blog with the other maps in GOW3, so keep those notepads tight because we got other GOW3 information to go through.