Gears of War 3-- Marcus Fenix

This year seems to be a very popular year for video games and the fact that so many games are being released it is hard to argue that point. However, it is not just about the quantity but more importantly the quality. One of the biggest and most anticipated releases for this year is Gears of War 3. Since its original release date was set back in the spring of 2011 many people are just itching to get their hands on it. That being said, I decided I would do a little recap on one of the main characters. So by the time the game comes out you wont have forgotten the impact he had on the series.

The character I am going to talk about is one that you will know very well. He is the lead protagonist in the Gears of War series. His name is Marcus Fenix. He is one of the leaders in the war against the Locust Horde. However, when we first meet him he was not someone of rank or power, he was practically left to die.

At the beginning of the Gears of War series we are introduced to the story behind Marcus Fenix. He abandoned his post while fighting the Locust in order to save his father. However heroic his deed, he was still convicted of a crime and sent to prison for 40 years. But once E-day struck, things changed. All prisoners were set for release, except Marcus. He was not released from prison like the others, he was left to die. Marcus was rescued by his friend, sometime following the E-day hit. Shortly after his rescue he returns with his friend/ savior Dom Santiago.

Marcus then helps to continue the fight against the Locust Horde. With his previous experience in the armed forces his rank was reinstated and he once again becomes Sergeant. This is roughly the point where we take over the character of Marcus Fenix, and the rest is history…

Throughout the Gears series it has been Fenix and his crew trying to save the world. Gears of War 3 is the last game of the trilogy and hopefully we will see Fenix and his crew rise to glory. But that is just something we will have to wait and find out!

-Evil Brittany
"Game Hard. Game Evil. "