I am having a hard time containing my excitement about Polish developer Flying Wild Hogs new game Hard Reset. With very little hype surrounding the game, and limited information it is hard to imagine that it is due to be released in September this year. Hard Reset is PC exclusive, and normally developers will pour at least a year of hype into new games before their release. The lack of community buzz, however, is not a comment on the games quality or superior development.

Currently there are a limited source of screenshots, one game play trailer, and one teaser trailer. Hard Reset is running a hard PR campaign that will only last the three months before its release in September.

Although there is not a whole lot to be know about or dissected about the game and what it offers, the limited information has been more than enough to spark my interest.

Hard Reset is a futuristic first-person shooter, which pits all of mankind in a survival race with machines. A classic plot for sure, but Hard Reset takes some liberties when it comes to the traditional man vs. machine plot structure. Factions of humanity are hiding out, specifically in one location aptly named the sanctuary. Here, humans have plugged into a digital mainframe like the Matrix in the pursuit of immortality, and one would assume to escape the realities of the post-apocalyptic year of 2436.

From the game play trailer, it becomes quickly apparent that the future is neither bright nor a place for humanity. The mechanized enemies are fast, big, and are sure to never be on the hunt alone. The machines, as you would imagine, are hell-bent on the elimination of mankind. Accordingly, it is your job to stay alive, and defend humanity from the ever-pressing fate that the machines are rapidly weaving.

The weapons in the game are a combination of traditional guns and futuristic energy weapons, which, I assume, came into existence as a result of the machines takeover. The battle sequences highlighted by the trailer also cue you into the detail the developers put into making this game. Hard Reset is going to be visually stunning, extremely engaging, and something that all gamers can appreciate.

I have the feeling we have found another PC classic, among the ranks of such games as Half-Life. Hard Reset seems to have wasted no effort in the games development and its speedy release. So fortunately, the gaming community does not have to wait another year to dive into the action; Hard Reset hits shelves in September 2011.

For more information visit the official Hard Reset website, and find out for yourself what this game has to offer.