Gears of War 3

IGN has some news about GOW3, they learned that the game will be debuting its campaign trailer during two of the world's biggest sporting events. The trailer will air during the UEFA Champions League finals on May 28th and on Game 6 of the NBA Playoffs.

The trailer, according to sources, is to give the fans a very intense preview of what the game's campaign is going to be like. It will focus on Marcus, Dom, and the rest of the COGs as they make a stand against the Locust horde and the Lambent, the newest problem to the COGs.

In other news, this past Monday, May 16th, the beta ended for Gears of War 3. The servers went down on at 2AM on that day, which meant you were unable to connect to any multiplayer games online anymore. However, if you had the opportunity to enjoy the beta and acquire any unlocks (like medals, skins, etc.), there is a way to hold onto them for the retail version of the game when it comes out later this year.

To hold onto the unlocks, first do not delete your Gears of War 3 Beta saved games. You can delete the betaexecutableby itself, but hang onto the save files. It's a simple process. Here is how you do it.

  • Go to the System Settings menu on your Xbox 360
  • Select "Memory"
  • Select "Games"
  • Select theGears of War 3 Beta (507MB) and delete it.

That is all you have to do to keep everything you unlocked. So if you haven't deleted any of the saves yet and want to retain your well-earned rewards, that is how you do it. Then keep it in awaiting and you'll have a bit of a edge over others when the game comes out.

Evil Controllers will also be releasing and developing a Gears of War 3 controller with features like active reload and rapid fire around the time of the game's release. So keep an eye out for that as well.