Black Ops Bundle: Recruit Bundle

Like out on the real battlefield, one must always be prepared for whatever can occur on the field. So be like them and don't send yourself to battle without being prepared. Get yourself equipped with everything you need to destroy the gaming competition with the Evil Black Ops Recruit Bundle. With this bundle, you'll get a top of the line Evil Imaging controller with universal Auto Burst, fully loaded with Evil D-Pad for accuracy, Evil Sticks, and a ring of light mod.

The included controller, which is the universal auto burst, can help you dominate the competition with just one pull of the trigger. With included universal Rapid Fire and Auto Burst you simply cannot lose to any competition you meet.

As if pure domination wasn't enough throw on a pair of gunnar glasses to give your eyes a rest as you put the pressure on those soon to be noobs. Additionally, for just a few dollars more, feel free too upgrade your modded controller to Fast Reload or if you if you want the daddy of mods, Master Mod.

Finally, to go with your bundle's Evil Controller, we are stocking this bundle set with an Evil Dog tag for identification purposes. And also you will also get an Evil vs Evil T shirt, Beanie, and keychain.

If you want to know more about this or other sets, you can learn more about Black Ops bundles on our site's page about bundles.