Epic's Gears of War being displayed to public at San Diego ComicCon

In case you missed it, there was a live panel from Epic Games about information on their next release, Gears of War 3. Have no fear, followers of the Evil Blog, as Kotaku has given us a rundown of what happened at their panel at the San Diego ComicCon. Follow the link and you'll see what the public wanted to ask Gears of War 3's staff and what the staff had to answer.

From this transcript you'll read very serious questions like:

"Are we going to find out if Marcus' father was ever cooperating with the Locusts?"

Which they answered that fans of the game will find out via playing the game and also in a series of GOW upcoming comic books.

Also you'll find odd but funny questions/answers like when a fan asked about the Lambent fights. In response, Rod Fergusson of Epic Games did an interpretive dance instead of your typical "no comment/that would spoil the game" answer. This proves why Epic Games makes such great games because they got an awesomely intelligent yet slick staff.

Which makes me wonder. What would happen if someone asked about a perfect controller for Gears of War 3. They'd probably say something along the lines of a controller that emphasizes precisionthat's best for fighting offthe Locust hordes.

Sounds like our Evil D-Pad controller with some Evil Sticks. No question about it.

Link: http://kotaku.com/5823658/gears-of-war-3-live-from-comic+con