By Eating Doritos And Drinking Mountain Dew, You Can Rank Up in Modern Warfare 3

Tim Ellis, Activision's Chief Officer ofMarketing recently stated

"For many of our gamers, Call of Duty and Mountain Dew go hand in hand...together we wanted to deliver gamers a one of a kind program around the epic Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer."

He is referring to a new marketing plan with Pepsi (owners of the Mountain Dew brand) and Frito-Lay (makers of Doritos) where various bottles of Mountain Dew and packages of Doritos will be coming with 10 digit alphanumeric codes in which players can turn for double XP time in Modern Warfare 3.

During the promotion, a 20oz Mountain Dew will give a player 15 minutes of double XP time, while a 12 pack will reward 45 minutes, and a WalMart 20 pack will give out 90 minutes. And at participating locations, 32oz fountain cups of Mountain Dew will give out 15 minutes. Also, if you were to combine any Mountain Dew with a bag of Doritos, it will make a player eligible for a weekly "combo bonus" which rewards an extra 15 minutes of double XP. Players will be limited to 750 code entries and have a limit of 24 hours of Double XP time (that's a lot of Cool Ranch Doritos and Code Red Mountain Dew).

But there's more perks of joining in on this high-calorie promotion. Participants will also be entered into a sweepstakes with various prizes ranging from a 12 month Call of Duty Elite subscription to a Modern Warfare 3 Xbox 360 with 2 controllers and a copy of Modern Warfare 3 to even a grand prize of a 2012 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon stylized in the style of Modern Warfare 3.

The Doritos/Mountain Drew promotion will start at October 10th and run through December 31. You might want to also break out your XXXL pants if you want to cap the 24-hour limit. You can find out more details here.