Fans of Battlefield 3 on the PC Should Update their Drivers ASAP

According to an article on Kotaku, if you going to play Battlefield 3 on your PC, it is best to ensure that your graphics card's drivers are up to date and up to par with the demand of Battlefield's hardware requirements. If you're a PC gamer like me (don't worry I'm also a console gamer as well), it should be common practice for you to do so before playing any major game you buy and download.

Why is this such a big concern, you ask? Well both the biggest graphic card companies out there (Nvidia and AMD), are both making updates just for Battlefield itself. Weird huh? It's not every game release where you see a company updating their cards just for one specific game.

A little point of interest since we are talking about graphic cards and Battlefield, Nvidia's beta drivers for theBattlefield 3 beta isalready out and is claiming to increase PC gaming performance by nearly 38%. AMD will be doing somethingsimilarbut it won't be out until later on.

With such high demand and need for updated drivers, it's likely Battlefield's going to be very beautiful and will need the full attention of your PC.