The newly released trailer for Rage gives gamers an in depth look into the post-apocalyptic shooters amazing details and game play. The trailer begins with a quote from famous author Nathaniel Hawthorne, The fiend in his own shape is less hideous than when he rages in the breast of men. I found this to not only be incredibly true, but a great definition of where Rage is going to take gamers.

Rage immerses gamers into a post-apocalyptic world overrun by war and conflicting factions. The details of the game paint the world as a society with futuristic technology that has dissolved into primitive conditions because of constant fighting and conflict. Bethesda Softworks and Id Software have spared no expense in the creation of this game, and the detailed environments and visually stunning graphics make this game a hot commodity for the near future.

The trailer does a good job of filling gamers in on the plot and structure of the games design. It becomes immediately apparent that you are going to be thrown into a world where survival is the highest priority, and fighting is unavoidable as you progress through the game. From dodging tattooed nomads, to resisting opposition factions, gamers are going to have to make a fast paced push to survive.

Gamers are going to be a part of the resistance force that fights what the trailer denotes as the authority. I love the underdog angle of the game, fighting the powers that be in order to create a livable environment. It is a futuristic underground movement against a better-equipped and larger force, which makes for a challenging but extremely engaging game plot.

Personally, I cannot wait to play this game! Everything about it looks amazing, from the detailed graphics, to the weapon classes, and the games distinct storyline. This first person shooter will take you out of your sense of comfort and pit you against a multitude of dangerous enemies in a hostile world. View the trailer here, and see for yourself exactly what Rage has to offer!