Girl Gaming Month Blog:
Ambassador Copiozo's Top Three Female Video Game Characters

Okay, so Ambassador Reyes displayed his three top three female characters in video games. I might as well throw my hat into the ring and display my top three. As an added bonus, I'm going go the extra mile and instead of using normal images from gaming, I'm going provide a cosplay picture of each of them, to spice up things a bit. Also you're gonna be a bit surprised by this list if have read my articles in the past and noticed my fanboying over Thief Rikku from FFX-2. I wanted to be fair and have a bit of variety, so one character per franchise/series. Also, if I did put her or Yuna or Paine'd be reading a novel. Enjoy.

3) Tifa Lockheart - Final Fantasy VII

Tifa is the concept of mixing the girl-next-door with the girl-who-can-kick-your-ass. Tifa was a unique individual in an already unique cast in one of the unique universes created SquareSoft (before they merged with Enix to become Square-Enix today). While she is sensitive and cheerful to her friends, she knows when to switch from that side to being the forward and aggressive resistance fighter of AVALANCHE. Still, she finds the strength to influence others, even Cloud who is always under some kind of emotional weight (even when he was being all emo in Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children).

Photo was done by Kevin of, model was done by one of my cosplay friend,Tess.

2) Jill Valentine - Resident Evil Series

Zombies, corrupt chemical corporations, former S.T.A.R.S. member becoming her worst enemy (then soon against-her-will-boss), Jill goes through a lot yet still manages to overcome it all. I mean, she survived an entire city overrun with zombies, help topple over the Umbrella Corporation, star in both Marvel vs. Capcom 2 and 3, overcome a little skirmish in Kijuju, and be featured a somewhat okay video game movie series. This is proof enough that she's one of the toughest yet hottest female video game characters out there. If the zombie outbreak every happens (Heaven Forbid), you'd want to have Jill on your side.

Photo was done byHunjael, the model is one of my cosplay friends, Arielle of

1) Cammy White - Street Fighter Series

You know, the British didn't have much representation in video games until recently. I mean before the introduction of Jonathan Price in C.O.D., who would come to mind the most when you mentioned England and video game characters? Rarely you'd get Billy Kane from King of Fighters or Narcis Prince from Super Punch-out, but nearly always, you'd get Cammy White from Street Fighter. Why? Because well, aside from being from England, she was also the first female alternative to Chun-Li in the series, a breath of fresh air. In addition, if used properly, she was one of the best choices out there for speed and damage (she's one of my main choices in Super Street Fighter IV).

Like many other female roles, she overcame her struggles, like being a controlled doll for Shadaloo. Eventually she broke free and reunited with her comrades in Delta Red. She spends her time now trying to fix Bison's wrongs by nursing the other dolls of Bison back to their normal state. Now that takes a lot of guts and dedication.

Photo was done by Eurobeat King , the model is cosplayer Ikuy.