Game News - Square-Enix to reorganize from its Financial Mistakes.

Whenever a new game in the Final Fantasy series is released, it is likely that all Square-Enix had to do was sit back and count the money from the profits coming in. But in the past years of 2009 and 2010, it seemed like that's not a reality. After the release of Final Fantasy XIII in Japan and shortly an American release in early 2010, the company saw its title as the fastest selling title ever for Square Enix, going at a record number of five million copies sold. However,in late 2010, they sent out Final Fantasy XIV, which was advertised to be a hefty MMORPG competition for World of Warcraft and a high profit maker for Square (which they put in a lot of money in its development). Sadly, with the game heavily bugged, glitched, and lagging in support, it was not. In result, the game designers got the pink slip over it.

Final Fantasy can't always be there to carry the company, as Square Enix seeing a 76% dip in its profits upon its review of 2010. One of the reasons for the dip in profits was due in part to the high value of the Japanese yen in the world economy. Another reason, it was due to how all their games performed and were publicly received. This included looking into factors such as their short shelf life, as well as any certain game delays.

"Consumers are getting more selective, and there's a big difference between games that sell and games that don't," said Square Enix's Yoichi Wada, one of the main heads of the company. He later on added that Square-Enix is rallying itself to make titles that consumers want to get. So don't expect to see a sequel to Mind Jack or an expansion to Final Fantasy XIV in the near future.

In this blogger's opinion, hopefully Square will get back to its roots and know what makes them a profit while fulfilling every one of their followers demands. As long as Square listens to what the people want and give them what they want, everyone will be happy. Though...I don't think everyone will be happy if I keep demanding for more Thief Rikku from FFX-2. How about a new Final Fantasy Tactics on a non-handheld system?

To learn more about the going-ons of Square-Enix, you can check it out here on Kotaku or here (provided you can read Japanese).