Girl Gaming - Top choices of Rookie Female Gamers, part two!

Games for girls just starting out need to possess a few essential qualities: they need to be compelling, simple but not mindless, preferably a little on the lighter side (unless gory games are your kind of thing after all, no two girls are completely alike!), and above all, a lot of fun. Here are three more examples of great games for rookie gamer girls.

Tony Hawk Series
The Tony Hawk games can pit two to four players against each other for some wild competition, but, more than anything, the evolution of the single player modes is really what separates this series from any other skateboarding or even snowboarding game. With dozens of different levels in locations such as San Francisco, Chicago, or even the zoo, each game is bursting with different objectives for a player to spend hours achieving. Some tasks are easy, and some are tough, showing room for a player's personal improvement and giving them something to aspire to. Graffiti mode is also a fun way to play. Furthermore, a player has the opportunity to play as skater girl champs Elissa Steamer, Vanessa Torres and Stacy Peralta, the world famous Tony Hawk, or other well known skaters such as Jackass' Wee Man and Bam Margera, as well as Bob Burnquist, Rodney Mullen, and Chad Muska.

Mario Party
Another franchise from the Mario Universe, Mario Party games provide perfect entertainment for players in groups or on their own competing against the computer. With 8 games released since the 1998 original for Nintendo 64, these games have classic elements that contribute to their entertainment value. The tournaments play much like a board game, with each player rolling the dice and encountering a variety of options depending on which square they land on. Following each round, all players battle each other in mini-games. These mini games range from puzzles to battle rounds, but most of all just consist of random tasks. Since each one is different, no one player truly has the advantage since everyone has different skills. Best of all for a newbie, each mini-game has instructions on how to play and an optional practice round.


Kingdom Hearts
For one of the best RPGs for a gamer girl just beginning to delve into the role-playing game genre, Kingdom Hearts is a must. After all, what's not to like about a game where you can kick some butt and play as beloved Disney characters? Beginning with the first installment, which featured Disney characters, levels from Disney stories, and cameos from Final Fantasy characters, Kingdom Hearts has pumped out success after success with great action sequences, interesting storylines, amazingly developed levels, and even voice acting from renowned actors such as Haley Joel Osment, Hayden Panettiere, and Lance Bass. Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the sixth installment, will release for North America this September, so go on and reserve a copy now.

Written by Evil Ambassador Lindsey Olson