Game Review - Costume Quest

Costume Quest

Developer: Double Fine

Publisher: THQ

If you've got a digital sweet tooth for role-playing games, Tim Schafer has got you covered in time for Halloween. From the mind that brought us Psychonauts, Grim Fandango, and Day of the Tentacle, comes Tim Schafer's first foray into digital gaming, Costume Quest.

Although it's frustrating to see digital downloads go up in price. Costume Quest seems to be one title worth the fifteen dollar price tag. The look of the game is unique, and watching the costumes transform into their larger-then-life counterparts in battles is something that captures the imagination I felt as child every Halloween. I'm impressed, but not surprised since Costume Quest's lead animator is Tasha Harris, a former Pixar animator.

Costume Quest Image 2

Costume Quest is a turn-based role-playing game that takes place during Halloween and smartly utilizes that to give the game plenty of personality. Your experience is tracked on screen with an indicator that looks like a packet of smarties, and your money is measured through Candy. You travel from one neighborhood to the next trick or treating. Some homes will give you treats, candy, while others have nothing in store for you, but tricks (your typical turn-based battles). This is Halloween and it feels like it.

If you haven't been sure of digital downloads in the past, check out Costume Quest, maybe you'll have a change of heart.

Written by Evil Ambassador Carlos Reyes