God of War Patch

The community has spoken, and Sony has made some game changing adjustments to God of War Ascension to help players with the difficulties they've been having in the game.

Although Sony Santa Monica plan to work on fixing other problems including multiplayer balance tweaking and a few audio issues, the 1.03 patch focuses solely on the singleplayer aspects of the game.

The largest update to 1.03 changes one particular battle that a huge amount of players were having trouble with, "We received extensive feedback from the community that the "Trial of Archimedes" section (Chapter 28) near the end of the game was excessively challenging."

"In every God of War game, establishing a well-paced difficulty ramp towards the end of the game is paramount to us. Based on player response, the degree of challenge offered here was short of our goal of being perfectly balanced."

Some of the God of War Ascension players are now complaining that it has been made too easy, and that this boss fight could be accomplishable before on hard without breaking a sweat, however it seems the majority of players are more happy with the update, even if it hasn't suited the gamer group who are up for more of a challenge.

Whether the update was good for the game as a whole or not is hard to say at this point, but talk of working on balancing multiplayer, and fixing some audio problems sounds to me like a positive step to completely polish the gameplay experience.

About 10 years ago games were sold as is, and what you got on the disc was going to stay that way, so it's really encouraging for both gamers and developers to see the great relationship both participants of the gaming industry now have with each other to keep games at their best.