Watch Dogs Pre-order

If you're going to buy a game, it's usually because you want to play the game, and if you want to play it enough, you'll pre-order it to get it on release date. Because of this, I've never really understood the appeal of pre-order bonuses, but still, it's something that has become a strangely apparent norm in today's society.

Although it's not certain, players may be receiving some pre-order bonuses if ordering the game from Ubisoft's game service, Uplay. An image revealed on a Russian website, HamsteRReality, shows us the items that will be awarded to the player for pre-ordering through Uplay.

The bonuses have been split into two sections, the singleplayer bonuses that offer a 1920's Chicago Outfit along with a Tommy Gun, and a cyberpunk outfit, along with a fitting cyberpunk gun. On top of this, multiplayer bonuses include three different skins, new perks and faction tags so players can represent their faction.

Of course there's no proof or credibility behind this picture, but it certainly looks professional. The mention of multiplayer bonuses also brings up questions as previously the subject had been quite hushed up by the Watch Dogs crew.

Although some form of multiplayer is highly likely, what that'll consist of is currently unknown. While you wait for Watch Dogs, be sure to swing by and check out our custom ps3 controllers in our Controller Creator!