God of War Completed in 8 Hrs

The release date for God of War Ascension is drawing closer and closer, and official game reporters' reviews of the game are coming in hot left, right and center.

Most of the reviews seem very positive and are giving the game scores 8s, 9s, and in some instances, a big fat 10 out of 10.

However, one thing that got my attention was a remark made in a review on the gaming website, Famitsu. The reviewer has said that the game can be cleared in just 8 hours. No details on the difficulty he was playing was given, so it's hard to tell what environment the reviewer played the game in.

God of War's director, Todd Papy recently announced that the game will generally take 10 to 12 hours to finish, depending on your play style and how adept you are at completing puzzles.

So either Todd is stretching the truth a little, the reviewer played it on easy mode, or really skilled gamers can complete the game in around 8 hours.

Either way, a lot of reviewers have praised God of War ascension for its great multiplayer mode and impressive gameplay, and if the game is shorter than I'd hoped, at least the quality of the game is still top-notch.

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