Star Wars 1313 Cancelled

There have been so many different Star Wars video games over the years, from Lego Star Wars, a game that started a whole new kid-friendly franchise for Lego, to The Knights of the Old Republic, an RPG that blew the minds of gamers back in the original Xbox days, and it was sad to hear that the recent acquisition by Disney meant that new Star Wars video game projects have pretty much been cancelled and abandoned.

One of those projects was Star Wars 1313 - a game that took a deeper delve into the story of the origins of Boba Fett, a character that has probably been considered one of the best in Star Wars history, despite not really showing his face in the original trilogy for very long at all.

The game was planned to be an action adventure title, and details on development had been leaking out since early 2012. Unfortunately though, with the closure of LucasArts, it's future looked pretty bleak.

This week, Disney abandoned the trademark for the title, which pretty much confirms that Star Wars 1313 is now in the trash.

This was a bit of a shame to hear, but it was expected. This isn't the end for Star Wars video games though - EA has so far taken rights to develop future Star Wars games, and Disney have decided to let publishers develop games that will appeal to the core market, and the first title to be in that niche is of course Battlefront, which is currently being developed by DICE.