Killzone Shadow Fall Free DLC

Guerilla Games have gone down the Good Guy Game Developer route by deciding that they will still develop content for Killzone Shadow Fall after it's release, but instead of charging extra money for it, on top of the original game's cost, they have let players know that they will be releasing all of their DLC for free.

Whether or not this still counts as DLC is up for discussion, as it's most likely that the latest content update for Killzone Shadow Fall will be a compulsory download if players wish to play online.

However, instead of being a simple patch that fixes bugs and tweaks gameplay, it will add two new maps into the game, free of charge.

The first map has been called The Cruiser, and Guerrilla Games has described it as a "close to mid range combat map set in the confines of a decommissioned ISA cruiser."

The other map has been named The Hanger, and has been designed to be a much larger map. Guerilla described it as "a wide open map situated in the hangar bay of one of the Helghan's humongous mining spires."

It's great to see some developers that are not trying to milk their players completely dry, and I hope that the new generation of consoles will bring in more developers who focus on delivering a solid game experience instead of focusing on trying to add more digits into their bank accounts.