Google Stadia Service Launches

Google’s first foray into the video game industry has officially begun, as the company launched its Google Stadia service for players.

The Founder’s Edition of the service went live on November 19th, with early adopters shelling out $130 for a controller and Chromecast Ultra. The service ships with two months of the Ultra streaming service, which supplies games at 4K resolutions, and in HDR.

There is a slew of games available for play at launch, with Mortal Kombat 11, Red Dead Redemption 2, Destiny 2, and Borderlands 3 all launching with the service. Players will have to pay full price for games, save for Destiny 2, which is included with the initial purchase.

Thus far, the response seems to be mixed for users and reviewers of Stadia. Players with good internet speeds say the service works just fine, although others say they’re experiencing latency. The biggest concern for players who pre-ordered though is the fact that their Stadia launch bundles haven’t shipped on time, and players who should have gotten codes for the service to reserve their names aren’t getting those, either.

Players who’re playing on their mobile devices seem to be having better experiences, with those on fast WiFi or having solid LTE connections saying they don’t notice much lag at all, and most of the issues are coming on the Chromecast. This is a major concern though, as most serious gamers will want to play the games on their television.

We’re hoping the service improves in the very near future and will keep players posted on the Stadia service.