Ice-T debuts a GOW3 music video and more of the cosplayer Megan Marie.

More Gears of War 3 tidbits of news keeps coming down the pipeline on a near-daily basis. The biggest news right now is that Ice-T (who in Gears of War 3, he will be voicing the role of former leader of the Stranded, Griffin) is debuting a GOW3 music video called "Horde 2.0: Five Against All" on G4's X-Play on August 1, 2011.

In other news, we learned more about cosplayer Megan Marie. Thanks to this article on Kotaku, we learned that aside from her nearly realistic Gears of War cosplay, she has a set number of other highly detailed cosplays under her belt. In addition, she's just not your ordinary cosplayer, she also works for Crystal Dynamics and is on the team focusing on the new Tomb Raider series. So when that game comes out, looks like we can be seeing her sporting the Lara Croft cosplay. In the meantime now, she's all enthusiastic for Gears of War 3. As well as you should be.