There is a game that is bringing about more and more commotion to the gaming world. You might ask what game is it and why? Well if you read on you may find out! Okay, so this new game that has everyone talking is called Catherine. Pay attention to the name. That will come in handy in just a second. The gaming community seemed to be a little unsure of how this game would turn out because it was very… different. However, that is what grabbed our attention. Once it was released, it made a huge splash, in a very good way.

Alright so here is what you need to know about this new beauty, Catherine. For starters, it was developed by the company Atlus for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360. It is definitely not something of the little kiddies to play, since it was said to be adult oriented. Now I am going to do a little break down of the storyline for you guys, which goes a little something like this…. You play the main character Vincent who is dating a girl named Katherine. I know what youre thinking, wait a minute, did she misspell the name? No I didnt, its Katherine, with a K. She is Vincents girlfriend, but once she starts talking about making a bigger commitment, he gets the hebbie jeebies. So he decides to go drink away his worries at his local bar. The next thing he knows he wakes up next to Catherine, with a C, not having any recollection of the night before. Now I dont want to go on and spoil it for you guys. So… I wont. I know you want to know what happens, but dont hate me, just go play the game!

As for the game style it is a puzzle game, where YOU determine the outcome. As the stages go on it gets harder and harder. However, the way you play and the choices you make determine your ending. Not every ending is the same. So the experience will be different for everyone. That is what makes me want to play it the most. It is not your standard, one way road to the same finish line type of game.

The plot for Catherine seems pretty intense, because come on, we all want to know what happens! People have been curious about this game since months prior to its set launch date they released sexy pictures of one of the main characters, Catherine. From that moment on, we have all been waiting and crossing our fingers, hoping that the game will blow us away. Many game critics like, Game Trailers said, The writing hooks you in, and what would otherwise be a simple plot is turned on its head with the addition of the supernatural and demonic elements that are a staple of Atlus games.

So to all you gamers out there, if youre interested about this game, you dont have to wait to go pick up your copy. The game was just released a few days ago. So go get your game on!

-Evil Brittany

Game Hard. Game Evil.