Gears of War 3's Trailer featuring Ice-T shows Horde Mode

Like we stated earlier, Epic Games this past week released the latest trailer for Gears of War 3 that featured music exclusively for the game that was made by Ice-T (who is known as Griffin in the game). So why don't you check it out?

So this clip shows off what Horde Mode 2.o is going to be like. And from the looks of it, that if you enjoyed the original Horde Mode, you're going to love this upgraded version. It's bigger, better, and it's going to make you kick some Locust Horde's butt with a lot of special toys.

From the look of things, the new mode is going to be more strategic instead of spraying bullets and praying you hit a lot of the oncoming onslaught. You first choose an area to set up as a command post and get cash for every kill you bring down. With that, you can get wire fences, turrets, decoys, and a whole lot of things. Think of Counter-Strike meets a last stand meets Gears of War. Which is one awesomely lethal combination.

That alone is why I cannot wait to play it.