Gran Turismo Sport Getting Wet Tracks

PS4 racer Gran Turismo Sport is finally getting a wet weather course, allowing players to experience slick track conditions and we can’t wait to see how our controllers handle the action!

The new course is coming, but the game’s developer was coy about when a specific launch date would be coming. GT Sport debuted on PS4 in October 2017 but has been relatively bare in regards to the different weather features that previous titles have seen.

The wet weather course is being teased in a YouTube video, which features professional eSports racer Coque Lopez taking his turn around the track. You can see that video below:

Gran Turismo Sport is seen as a bit of an outlier for the popular racing franchise, as it doesn’t feature a huge library of cars that you can add to your garage as well as fewer tracks. With that said, the game is still absolutely gorgeous and brings with it the realistic driving that has made the GT series one of the most high-end simulation experiences for the likes of eSports racers. The game has a heavier online racing focus than GT5 or GT6, with the FIA Gran Turismo Online Championship letting you test your skills against the best of the best in set locations.

Our controllers are excellent for the various challenges you’ll face in video game racers, as our pro tension and different height options give you the best control of your wheels. Needless to say, we’re itching to get back into the driver’s seat and see how far we can push our dream cars in a little bit of precipitation!