Everybody, let out a collective, “Yessss!”, as Gears 5 developers have confirmed that the upcoming Xbox One/PC shooter will not have any season pass or Gear Packs to try and separate you from your hard-earned money.

The decision is very consumer-friendly, as users are growing increasingly frustrated by not having complete games, despite paying full price for them. The game will instead focus on offering up earnable unlockables, with various grinds and milestones. This is a big shift from Gears of War 4, which had a hefty $50 season pass and charged upwards of $5 for Gear Packs.

The Coalition issued a statement on the matter, which read in part: “We’ve committed to delivering more earnable content than ever before through an extensive new system called Tour of Duty.”

Tour of Duty will have various seasons, ala Fortnite, and will spell out what is required of players to earn each extra piece of content.

Gears 5 follows up on the story from Gears of War 4, which saw a new generation of fighters taking on the fearsome Locusts with chainsaw guns, and a lot of attitude. While the previous game was well-received, it didn’t sell as well as some other Gears titles, and it’s hoped that Gears 5 will bring back many of the fans that helped make the series a AAA property.

While the game’s developers are headed in the right direction, there will still be add-ons that allow you to boost your XP and increase the number of supply drops. Pricing for those options hasn’t been released, but we should hopefully hear something before the game launches on September 10th.