gta online be my valentine

To fit in with plenty of other trending video games, Rockstar has released a brand new patch for Grand Theft Auto Online that fits in with Valentine's Day. Whilst the update adds some timed exclusive Valentine's Day themed content, some new permanent features have been added too.

Like previous updates, all of the content has been designed specifically for GTA Online, but some of the items, such as vehicles and clothing options, should be available in the singleplayer portion of GTA V too.

The first of the newly announced items for the Valentine's Day update is a brand new vehicle called the Albany Roosevelt Valor. This vehicle has been described as being an "Updated take on the classic Roosevelt," and it has "A range of exciting modifications available to apply at Los Santos Customs."

Rockstar also stated that the new update has added a bunch of new clothing items, some of which have been themed for Valentine's Day. Rockstar mentioned that the update includes "New Suits, Vests, Dresses, Bustiers, Boxer Shorts, Stockings and more."

On top of all of the new content, there are plenty of double RP opportunities available until February 18 and a brand new adversary mode called 'Till Death Do Us Part' has been added to GTA Online too.

The Till Death Do Us Part adversary mode features 6 player PVP. With three teams of two, players must work closely with their partner to take out the other two teams.