halo 5 valentines day

To celebrate the occasion, 343 Industries has added a timed playlist into the Halo 5 arena. The new game mode pitches players against each other in a 2v2 battle. The new 2v2 game mode is called Valentine's Double Date.

The new 2v2 game mode features 2v2 battles on custom maps that have been filled with hearts and other Valentine themed items. The game mode for the Valentine's Double Date mode is limited to Slayer and players will start with the Halo 2 version of the Battle Rifle.

When you first hop into Halo 5 after the latest update, you'll see a pop-up message showing off the new playlist. As you can imagine, the update is unlikely to stay up for long. With that being said, the Valentine's day playlist is still currently live at the time of writing. It's great to see that 343 Industries are active and ready to create all sorts of free content for the Halo community, even if it is something as small as this latest playlist update.

Hopefully this marks the start of all sorts of themed playlist events to come in the future. Perhaps we'll see something special for Easter, and if not, we're bound to see something for Independence Day, Thanksgiving, Halloween and the holiday season. On top of themed events, 343 Industries are also actively working on free content for Halo 5 which will include new skins, new armor types, new REQ packs and of course new playlist types for Halo 5 arena.