Rockstar has released an app into the iTunes app store that goes alongside the main Grand Theft Auto 5 game. You will be able to use the iFruit app to look at news about the game, check in with social club once it's available in October, and also use interactive features to change happenings in the main game.

Firstly you'll be able to look after Chop, a dog in the game owned by one of Franklin's friends. You'll be able to teach him tricks, pet him, feed him and look after his wellbeing. This will change the way Chop acts in the main game.

Secondly, you'll be able to customize and purchase vehicles from within iFruit. You'll be able to add the same level of customization to your own vehicles as you can in the main game, and once you next play the game, the newly changed vehicle will be ready for you in your garage.

Currently this app is only available for iPhone and iPad in the iTunes store, but Rockstar plan to release Android, PS Vita, and Windows Phone versions in the near future.

On top of this, Rockstar plan on making another companion app that will allow users to find out more about the game, learn new things and interact with a fully 3D render of the map straight from your smartphone or portable device. No news has been given on when this will be released.