Sony has pushed through with its Vita branding and it has managed to make success out of a seemingly dead market. To improve the Vita name even more, Sony has pushed once again, and this time they have come out with something called the VitaTV.

The VitaTV is a streaming box that will be able to be purchased for just $100. However unlike other streaming boxes, it will allow owners to connect it to their TV and play PS Vita games, PS One Classics and PSP games on the big TV with a standard Dualshock 3 controller.

Amazingly you'll also be able to stream content straight from the PlayStation 4 as well. This will open up new routes for the PlayStation 4. For example, you could play split screen games across the house on multiple displays but with just one PS4 console, or easily play your PS4 games in any room in the house without having to move the console.

We'll most likely hear more about the VitaTV at TGS, and hopefully hear about a release date and whether we'll be able to get hold of the device in the near future.

Another thing to consider is that seeing as TGS is a game show in Japan, there may be a chance that we don't see the device hit North America or Europe. Hopefully though, Sony will distribute it worldwide.