GRID Lasts 30 Hours

Codemasters has recently sat down with VG247 to let fans know that their new racing title, GRID 2, will have over 30 hours of playable game time within the singleplayer storyline, making the game stand out from many other games recently released with short single player campaigns and story modes.


Senior executive producer of Codemasters, Clive Moody has said that "If you want to 100% the whole game - you're looking at 30-hours plus for the average gamer to get through that experience."


"That's doing everything we have to offer, all of the side events, promotional events and challenges as well. It's a large experience that will keep people busy, and once they've blitzed that then online multiplayer is there."


"We've noticed a trend in recent years with some of the supposedly 'big' games that were actually six hours long, and we didn't feel that was sufficient value for money for our fans at all. We wanted to make sure there was so much more for them to do."


Thirty hours seems like a lot of gameplay, but how many hours GRID 2 currently offers before the average player would get bored, and not how many hours are needed to 100% each and every part of the game is currently unapparent.


If you're a racing fan, GRID 2 sounds like a great experience for you to blast through, and even after completing the singleplayer, whether it takes you 30 hours or 10 hours, the multiplayer is still there to be played as well.


It already sounds like GRID 2 will be one of the most lengthy racers on this generation of consoles, and it may deserve a spot alongside the best Forza Motorsport and Gran Turismo games currently on retail.