PS3 Black Ops 2 Update

Having a game across multiple platforms can be difficult for a developer, and it usually ends up with a few system specific bugs cropping up months after the game has released, but luckily for PS3 players, a new update has hit Black Ops 2 that will not only fix unwanted bugs and issues, but also add features not previously seen in the game.

The first of the new features includes the new prestige level calling cards for every prestige level, which will be available for anyone who has prestiged in the past.

On top of this, players will now be able to control the last Scorestreak called when a player calls in multiple controllable Scorestreaks.


Other fixes and adjustments have been made, including a few UI changes in league lobbies and extra options for custom-ran servers to stop rampant team killing and suicides.


The update has also added multiplayer and custom game balancing, bug fixes for all elements within the game, including Zombies mode, and many other features that have impacted the game negatively for players have now been fixed or tweaked.


The whole list of features and bug fixes that are included in the update are too long to fit in this post, but the main highlights are shown below.


Feature Improvements


  • Added Prestige Level Calling Cards for each Prestige Level.
  • Players will now control the last Scorestreak called when calling in multiple remote controllable Scorestreaks.
  • Updated the League Lobbies to display Team Rank next to each Team Member's name.
  • Added Suicide and Team Killed Penalties to the Game Rules/Spawn Settings Menu for Custom Games.
  • Added a feature to kick players if they suicide too often in a game


Gameplay Balancing


  • Adjusted Hijacked engine room Hardpoint zone to extend to ladders.
  • Lightning Strike Radar will not reactivate after round change if it has been used in a previous round.
  • Global enemy spawn influencers adjusted.
  • Adjusted objective spawn influencers in Capture the Flag.


Zombies Issues Addressed


  • Fixed a UI Error that occurred on Turned.
  • Resolved various bugs around the Die Rise map.


Plus tons of multiplayer bug fixes