A brand new GTA Online update is planned to hit in October and it'll feature some new biker themed content. The new Biker Gang update will hit on October 4.

Rockstar wrote, "The next addition to GTA Online - brings underground Motorcycle Clubs to the forefront of the Los Santos and Blaine County criminal underworld with a rash of all new competitive and co-operative gameplay as well as new modes, vehicles, weapons, clothing and much more. GTA Online: Bikers arrives on October 4th as an automatic update to GTA Online on PS4, Xbox One and PC."

One of the new additions to GTA Online: Bikers will allow players to use melee weapons whilst riding a bike. If another biker gets too close, a quick shank will surely put them off.

Players can also do objectives to earn the respect of the biker gang president. By doing objectives, players will rise up the ranks and new rewards will be made available.

A new vehicle, called the Western Rat Bike, will be added to the game, and a number of new cosmetic items will be thrown into the mix. The biggest features for the upcoming Biker update are related to new modes and missions though. Hopefully we'll find out exactly what kind of missions and modes will be coming on October 4.

When the update arrives, it'll automatically be updated to your platform, regardless of whether you're playing on PC, PS4 or Xbox One.