After Grand Theft Auto V's amazingly successful launch, Microsoft have finally made a digital version of the game available for download on the Xbox Game's Store.

Like many of the full games available on the Xbox Games Store, the digital version of Grand Theft Auto V will go for $59.99 in the United States, and possibly around £50 in the UK. You will also need a total of 7.63GB free space to download the game onto your hard drive.

Whilst Microsoft have only just stepped up and released a digital copy of the game on their console's game marketplace, it has been available on the PlayStation Network since the game's launch.

Many players have complained that the PlayStation 3 digital version has had problems with textures popping in and out, texture clipping issues, and other strange and unexplainable glitches such as parts of the game spawning late or not spawning at all.

According to reports from officials, this is due to the hard drive not being able to stream data at the speed the game requires to run smoothly.

This is the same issue why Rockstar have warned players not to install the "play" disc onto their Xbox 360. Because of the problems that the digital version has had on the PS3, it wouldn't be surprising if similar problems occur on the digital Xbox 360 version as well.

We'd advise just popping out and buying the physical version to avoid problems and save a few pennies at the same time.