A bit of information found on a Rockstar New England staff's LinkedIn page has given us a little insight into what another development team belonging to Rockstar could be working on at this very moment in time.

Found on the LinkedIn page was the information stating that the Rockstar developer is currently working on "the next version of a famous IP," however other than this, no details are shared on the LinkedIn page.

Luckily though, with a little bit of digging around, we may be able to get more of an idea of what game Rockstar New England could be working on.

The first thing to take notice of is that the LinkedIn page said "next version of a famous IP" meaning it has to be a follow-up to an already released game or game series, and it has to be a popular one too, but seeing as this is Rockstar we're talking about, it's pretty hard to determine what isn't considered a popular Rockstar IP.

Rockstar New England has previously worked on a few different games, but they are best known for their work on Bully: Scholarship Edition.

Members of Rockstar have already mentioned that a sequel to the Bully series would be a good step to take next, so it seems probable that the new game would be a new Bully game.

It is possible that it could be something completely different though- another Max Payne game, or even a Red Dead sequel.

Seeing as this is Rockstar New England working on development though, it's unlikely to be anything major unless more development studios are involved.