Grand Theft Auto may be one of the most successful game series of all time, and it seems as each game releases, the games become more and more popular.

This is certainly the case with GTA V. It has now been delayed once, and a lot of gamers are impatiently waiting for release day this September.

In fact, so many people want to get a hold of GTA V that it's predicted to sell faster than games like Black Ops, a game that managed to hit a record by selling 1.4 million units on day one.

Grand Theft Auto V has easily double that score though with a predicted 3 million units sold on day one, completely smashing their previous record of what now seems like a measly 630,000 copies for Grand Theft Auto IV on day one.

Whilst Grand Theft Auto V will do extremely well, it isn't the fastest selling game - FIFA 13 managed to amass a huge 4.5 million sales on day one.

Are you looking forward to Grand Theft Auto V? With so many predicted sales, there's certainly a lot of people out there that are. If you plan to play Grand Theft Auto IV in anticipation, don't forget that we have modded controllers that are compatible with GTA IV and it's likely our Adjustable Rapid Fire will be compatible with GTA V as well.