You may have seen a lot of hype for the OUYA, a small console that can be held in your palm and runs off of the Android operating system, the same OS that Samsung's Galaxy phones are based on.

Surprisingly, this small console managed to rack in millions from crowdfunding on kickstarter, and the company has been busy since then signing deals with game developers and manufacturing enough consoles to meet the demand that has been set out.

Finally though, the OUYA is now available to purchase by anybody worldwide, and can be picked up off of the website.

Whilst the OUYA console is miles behind the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in terms of hardware performance and gaming quality, the small box offers a bit of gaming for just $99.

The console includes a dashboard that can be used to download free games- these games will be similar to the kind of games you can get on Android devices- so expect a lot of arcade-type gaming.

Is the OUYA something you'd be interested in or are you happy with having mobile games on your phone?