guerrilla Games new IPLast week, details were revealed about Guerrilla Games plans to develop a brand new IP for the PlayStation 4, however at the time we had absolutely no idea what kind of game the development studio would be working on.

One week later, we're still not any better off in terms of official information for Guerrilla Games new IP, but some rumors have started to come in, and some of them sound quite exciting. According to an "insider," Guerrilla Games will be developing a brand new open world RPG title, which is comparable to 'the scope of Witcher 3', most likely in reference to the size of the open world.

According to the same insider, Guerrilla Games will be making an official reveal for their new IP at this year's E3 expo, so we don't really have too much longer to find out the truth.

If Guerrilla Games are making an open world RPG, it would be very interesting to see just how well they create such an experience, as their studio has a large portion of experience in first person shooter games, and not much proof of experience for any other type of game.

Perhaps we can expect to see an RPG experience from Guerrilla Games similar to that of Destiny or Borderlands. However, a lot of developers are taking new routes, so it wouldn't be entirely out of the question to see something completely free from shooter mechanics and gameplay.

We'll keep you updated as more news comes in on this.